Methods workshop 2018

On May 23rd 2018, the UK Microplastics Network jointly hosted a Microplastic Methods workshop with the Royal Society of Chemistry Water Science Forum in London. This workshop brought together experts who are actively working and developing techniques within this field to present and discuss current methods for microplastic sampling, extraction and identification from environmental samples. The lack of standardisation and comparability between studies is a recognised deficiency currently within of microplastics research.

The agenda and copies of the presentations given on the day are available below, in order of speakers. Presentations  are for reference only and must not be reproduced or reused (in part or whole) without express permission of the authors.

Microplastic Methods Workshop Agenda

1. Adrian Clark RSC
2. Ulrike Braun
3. Claire Gwinnett
4. Lucy Woodall
5. Matt Cole
6. Stephanie Wright
7. Matt Hill
8. Gabriel Erni-Cassola
9. Jesus Javier Ojeda
10. Ian Robertson
11. Barbara Scholtz-Boettcher
12. Richard Thompson

The report of this workshop is now available here: Microplastic methods workshop report 2018